Arctic Dialogues

Arctic Dialogues involved a field period in Spitzbergen on the Svalbard Archipelago (78° 13′ N) before the Polar sunrise in February 2009 with a small group of Atmospheric Scientists. The project draws on a consideration of shared activities, involving notions of observation, investigation and experimentation under themes including scale, form, light, and attention to detail.

One of the by-products of the scientific processes was a collection of filter papers from the filtration of melted snow samples. Although waste to the scientists, these papers provided me with a new focus, particularly after looking at them under magnification, whereby the deposits took on a different sense. They became complex topographies, suggesting valleys, river systems, peaks and troughs. These have formed the basis of recent experiments, which use different materials, scales, formats and grounds to explore notions of deposition, surface and texture, as well as processes associated with the cryosphere.

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Mapscape I     Graphite suspension & pencil on paper 20 x 20 cm