In the summer of 2013, along with photographic artist Rhea Banker I spent a period of time in and around Ilulissat Kangia and Eqip Sermia gathering source material to make work for a project that would bring our two artforms together in dialogue. The stunning landscape of West Greenland was, as always, an inspiration but, more particularly, I was drawn to the complex relationships between the seemingly permanent geological elements of nature and the more transient elements like ice, water and the lichen flora.

The detail and complexities of these relationships provoked both spiritual and poetic responses within me, and I have also drawn on my love of maps and cartography, creating densely layered mixed media works that shift between the micro and the macro, but sometimes display both at the same time.

NOTE: a limited edition of prints (5) is available for most of these works, as well as the originals.

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At the Margins     Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 100 x 100 cm